Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It seems like it comes quicker every year. We know that

bed bugpreparing for the big day can be quite stressful. Travel at any time of the year might make you want to jump off the house, but especially at Thanksgiving. Having to worry about driving or flying and where to stay. Do you stay with family or rent a room? Trying to keep the kids engaged and out of your hair. There is one more really big problem you need to worry about though. Bed Bugs! Bed bug populations have been increasing exponentially the last few years.


There are some steps you can take to avoid any holiday disasters. The last thing you want to do is bring bed bugs to a friend or family members home or possibly back to your home. Follow these tips and Thanksgiving should be a fun and bed bug free time!



If you see any bed bugs, bed bug casings, or eggs ask to be moved to another room.

Now that you are in a room you are comfortable in. Keep your clothing in the airtight bags unless needed. Place dirty clothes in extra bags you took with you. Keep them off the floors and bedding, preferably hanging them from the rod in the closet or even in the bathroom. Now enjoy your time with family and friends!


Once you are back home, inspect all suitcases, bags, clothing, shoes, jackets and other items before bringing them inside. Any item that can be washed, should be washed in hot water, even if it’s new and unworn. Wipe down all luggage, shoes and carry bags. After washing your items dry on high heat for a good hour. This will help to kill any bed bug adults and eggs.


You will want to keep an eye on things for a bit. Watch for signs of insect bites which will look like red itchy welps. Some people react to bed bugs like a mosquito bite. Some people may not react at all. Hopefully you will have no problems and your Thanksgiving vacation will have been a great success. Should you notice any problems seek a professional pest control service right away. If you live in Upstate South Carolina or Columbia call us Toll Free (866)442-7378 for a free quote. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment System is safe for all family and pets, but kills all bed bug adults, larvae, and eggs.