Walker Pest Management now servicing Columbia

Walker Pest Management is proud to announce we are now servicing Union, Greenwood, Saluda, Newberry, Fairfield, Richland, Sumter,Calhoun, Orangeburg, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

Walker Pest Management now covering  Greenwood, Sumter,Calhoun, Orangeburg, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

Walker Pest Management now covering Greenwood, Sumter,Calhoun, Orangeburg, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

We are extremely thankful to our customers and employees who have helped us continue to grow and extend our services to more people in the great state of South Carolina. If you know anyone in these new areas needing pest control or you have family and friends in these areas please let them know we are available in their area now. Word of mouth is still our most powerful tool and without you telling others about us over the last 10 years we would not be where we are today. We look forward to getting to know many new customers in these new areas while maintaining our high level of customer care. We look forward to seeing where things grow from here.

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    Featured article on South Carolina Homes about Walker Pest Management

    Caleb Walker the owner of Walker Pest Management was interviewed by SouthCarolinaHomes.com. Click the link here to view the article that is being featured on their website.

    South Carolina Homes For Sale is the one of the top sites for South Carolina Homes For Sale, including Cottageville SC Real Estate, condos, multi families, and townhouses for sale. South Carolina Homes For Sale also services North Carolina Real Estate and Georgia Real Estate.

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      Walker Pest Management Announces New Bed Bug Protection Plan

      We are proud to announce a new service Walker Pest Management is providing now. Save yourself the headache and frustration of having to pay large sums of money for a bed bug treatment. Sign up today to enroll in our new Bed Bug Protection Plan. This is an affordable alternative to being caught off guard with needing an expensive bed bug treatment. Protect your home and loved ones before bed bugs become a problem in your home.  Read about it here.  To enroll or for more information please call our bed bug experts at Toll Free 866-442-7378.

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        Termite Season is here and so are Termite Swarmers

        Termite vs Flying AntsEvery year, about this time we start to get call after call of people seeing what they believe to be winged ants coming up inside their house or around the perimeter of their home. Sometimes it just might be ants but a majority of the time it turns out to be Termite swarmers.

        Termite swarmers are the reproductive members of  a mature termite colony. There job is to come out of the ground, fly to a new spot and start a new Termite colony. For most people this is the only time they will ever see Termites. In our area of South Carolina this usually starts sometime between mid March until the end of April. Sometimes it can start a little earlier and many times will run late into May.

        If you see Termite swarmers please call a professional. They will need to find out where they are coming from and do a full inspection on the home. It is important to consider a few things if Termites are confirmed to be swarming on your property.

        1. Just because Termites are found on your property it doesn’t mean you have to have a treatment today. We do advise having a treatment done as soon as possible but you have time to shop around for the company with the right protection plan you can be comfortable with. Almost all Pest Control companies will give a free estimate for treatment of Termites.

        2. It is possible to have Termites on your property but not actually have an infestation in your home. They could be coming from a neighbors home, or a natural source like a wood pile, dead tree or stump.

        3. If you see Termite swarmers inside the house, on a window sill or door frame it is an indication that there is an active Termite Swarmers on Window SillTermite infestation in the home and should be treated quickly.


        Please don’t hesitate to call Walker Pest Management for a free inspection and quote for Termite control. Call Toll Free 866-442-7378 to talk to a Termite Specialist today.



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          What can you do to prevent pests in your home?

          Spring Insects are coming.Spring is just around the corner friends. We have had a mild winter again in South Carolina. The creepy crawlies will surely be out in force early this year. Walker Pest Management is here to help you with all your pest control needs. We want to help you as much as possible, even if you are not a customer of Walker Pest Management. We want to pass on this great list of pest control tips the professionals at Walker Pest Management have come up with. Following these tips should help prevent a lot of the problems we are called out for. Walker Pest Management is here to help and give advice to anyone not just our customers. We hope this list will help you this coming bug season to keep your home or business free of pesky pests. If you do have pest problems even after following this list of tips please call and ask for a quote. Most services can be quoted for right over the phone.  Click here to visit Walker Pest Management’s Top 10 Pest Control Tips.

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            CL-100 : Termite Letter / Wood Infestation Report

            P6247308If you are in need of a CL-100 : Termite Letter in the Greenville, Spartanburg,  Anderson, SC area visit Walker Pest Management. Termite letters are required when refinancing a home or when getting a mortgage on a new home. We are licensed and certified in the state of SC for this service. We work closely with many realtors in Upstate South Carolina to make sure their clients are happy and that closing are met on time. We have the interest of the buyer as our #1 priority when doing a Termite Letter / Wood Infestation Report. If there are any deficiencies or active wood destroying organisms our inspector will quote for treatment while there.  If you need our services use the contact form or call us toll-free 866-442-7378.

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              Greenville / Spartanburg falls into the top 50 cities with Bed Bug activity

              Yahoo News has reported the top 50 city / areas with bed bug activity in the US. Greenville / Spartanburg area comes in at # 47.  Yahoo reports an increase in bed bug activity in the last couple years of about 30%.  Bed bugs are small and easily overlooked. Most people pick them up when traveling to big cities or vacation areas and staying in hotels that have a problem. Bed bugs are about the size and color of a small apple seed but flat. bed bugThey tend to hide in the seam’s of sheets, bed spreads or pillow cases. They will also hide in box springs and joints of bed frames or furniture. They are not limited to just bedrooms though. They can easily move from room to room through walls by going through outlets or going under base boards. As people visit these larger cities with high activity they inadvertently bring the bed bugs home as hitch hikers on their luggage and travel bags.

              Walker Pest Management is at the top of the heap when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. We use the latest heat treatment methods that gets into every nook and cranny of your home or apartment. There are no nasty chemicals or need to get rid of all of your furniture. This can be a huge savings to home owners. Treating for bed bugs is expensive enough without having to buy new bedding and furniture.


              Here are the top 50 U.S. cities, ranked in order of the number of bedbug treatments. The number in parenthesis is the shift in ranking compared to January to December 2011:


              Chicago (+1)

              Detroit (+1)


              Los Angeles (+2)




              Cincinnati (-4)


              Columbus, Ohio


              Washington, D.C. (+1)


              Cleveland/Akron/Canton (+5)


              Dallas/Ft. Worth (-2)


              New York (-1)


              Dayton, Ohio (+4)


              Richmond/Petersburg, Va. (-2)


              Seattle/Tacoma (+14)


              San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (-2)


              Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, N.C. (+4)


              Indianapolis (+15)


              Omaha, Neb. (+11)


              Houston (-7)


              Milwaukee (+13)


              Baltimore (-2)


              Syracuse, N.Y. (+2)


              Boston (-8)


              Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colo. (+2)


              Lexington, Ky. (-2)


              Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (-1)


              Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (+10)


              Knoxville, Tenn. (+11)


              Buffalo, N.Y. (+1)


              Atlanta (-8)


              Louisville, Ky. (+5)


              Charleston/Huntington, W. Va. (+18)


              San Diego, Calif. (-6)


              Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (+12)


              Minneapolis/St. Paul (+12)


              Phoenix (-1)


              Pittsburgh (-6)


              Honolulu (-19)


              Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. (+1)


              Grand Junction/Montrose, Colo. (-1)


              Nashville, Tenn.


              Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, Neb. (+7)


              Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. (+2)


              Charlotte (-10)


              Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.


              Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, Calif. (-4)


              Las Vegas (-30)


              Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, S.C.


              Champaign/Springfield, Ill.


              Portland, Or.


              Sioux City, Iowa

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                Walker Pest Management now on Facebook and Pinterest

                Hi folks thanks for taking time to look over our website. If you are a current customer or interested in sharing info about us with your friends or family please like us on our Facebook Page or follow us on our Walker Pest Management Pinterest Page. Word of mouth is the best way a small company like Walker Pest Management can grow. Thank you to our current customers who continue letting us take care of their homes and businesses. We hope that 2013 will be a wonderful year for you and your families.

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                  Stink Bug and Ladybug Fall Treatments

                  Stop the Stink Bug Invasion

                  Its almost that time again. Every year about this time we start getting calls and hearing of homes being invaded by Lady bugs and Stink bugs. Don’t let it happen to your home. The most important thing you can do is make sure your house is sealed properly. Make sure all screens on windows and doors are repaired and no cuts or holes in them. Use caulk around windows to fill any gaps. Cover outside vents with mesh to prevent easy access. You can also add screen or mesh to the inside of  attic vents on the sides of your home. Don’t let these pests use your home for wintering this year.

                  If you need professional help or power spraying of your home to help prevent them, please call us at 866-442-7378.




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                    Carpenter Bee Control

                    Spring is just around the corner! Flowers and trees will be blooming. Grass will  turn green again and the insects will be waking up. Spring is a favorite time of year for most people. If you own a home or business it’s time to think about protecting that investment. Every spring the Carpenter Bee’s wake up and start foraging around shrubs, flowers and under eaves of buildings. Most people mistake them for Bumble Bee’s. Carpenter Bee’s, however do not have yellow stripes, they have dull white stripes on a black body. Carpenter Bee’s are interesting, in that they bore into wood to make their home. They are a nuisance and cause a lot of damage to any wood on your property. They will rarely sting but they will buzz around the yard diving at family members and pets. To protect your home you need to know a bit about their biology and habits.

                    Carpenter Bee’s bore holes in wooden overhangs, decks, trees, fence posts and any other flat wood surface. They can get between gaps in siding and roofing. They drill a hole about 1/2 inch wide and usually about an inch or two deep then turn about 90 degrees. This is where the Carpenter Bee makes an egg chamber. The eggs are laid in this chamber and sometimes in sub-chambers that stem off the main chamber. Egg chambers can be two feet or more in length with many sub-chambers.

                    The female Carpenter Bee will usually guard the hole entering the nest.  They will become aggressive if they feel threatened. After the nest is completed she will spend her days foraging for food. You will see them around Bradford Pears, Azaleas, Daffodils, Pansies and any other plant which provides pollen early in spring. Males will be buzzing about these same plants looking for a female partner who is interested in finding a mate. They are very curious and will buzz around anything moving. This will scare people into thinking they are being attacked. The male bee however does not have a stinger. The males face has a distinctive yellow dot and can be seen while he is flying. The females are only interest in collecting food. As stated before the female does have a stinger but her face is black, and this is why they are sometimes mistaken for bumble bees.

                    Besides the dive bombings and buzz-byes, a major problem is that the Carpenter Bees tend to return to the same location where they were born. They will use the same holes year after year but if another female has occupied the hole, other females will drill new nests. One nest can become 3 or 4 the next year. This can soon escalate into a serious problem and you could have hundreds of holes after a few seasons. With numerous nests, you will have lots of larva. Carpenter bee larva are large and nois9y. This noise attracts woodpeckers. Woodpecker damage can be extensive and costly. If you have damage from woodpeckers on your home or decks it is highly probable that you have some type of larval activity which is attracting them.

                    Carpenter Bee Control

                    We offer a Carpenter Bee Treatment that, if done early spring, can prevent the Carpenter Bees from returning to holes from previous years to lay more larva. You may still see them foraging about the yard but they will not bore very far into the wood once it has been treated. This treatment will work on log cabins, wood homes, vinyl siding and even decks. Treated properly they will eventually move from the area to find another structure that is safe for them to drill into and lay their larva. If you have a lot of holes in wood siding or eaves you may need to use some type of wood filler or putty to take away an easy nesting place for future Carpenter Bees. We can help with these services as well.

                    If you need help with Carpenter Bee Control please call our office at 866-442-7378.

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