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Walker Pest Management takes care of the pest control needs of businesses and organizations in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens and surrounding counties of upstate South Carolina. We service all varieties of commercial clients: hospitals, warehouses, food handling and distribution centers, restaurants, apartment and office buildings, etc.



We provide proven, environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions for your pest problems. Our approach to controlling pests in your business space has several steps to ensure control:

  • Prevent the pests from entering the building by identifying potential entry points
  • Ensure proper storage and sanitation methods with your employees
  • Eliminate pests that are already there using IPM strategies
  • Make targeted application of products and equipment in areas likely to harbor or attract pests to prevent future infestations

We can take care of a multitude of pest problems, including:

Ant Control

Our treatment for ant control is unsurpassed.  No matter what type of ants you are having a problem with; Fire Ant,  Argentine Ant, Carpenter Ant, Pharaoh Ant, or any of the other dozen’s of types of ants, we will eliminate them.  We will locate, identify, and determine the best method for your particular situation. Call us for a free quote to rid your home or business from these pesky ants, permanently.

Roaches and Other Insects

After inspecting and analyzing your facility’s situation, we will advise you on routines that will minimize insect infestation. We use a highly effective baiting system, as well as liquid products to quickly eliminate cockroaches. We do not typically use any fogging systems, as this can be an over-use of pesticide in your facility.  Learn more about cockroaches.

Rodent Control & Exclusion

After a thorough inspection to identify the rodent threat in your building, we will create an effective program to control entry points to reduce rodent populations. We will design a solution from the outside in through minor repairs to openings in your business. The use of multi-catch traps and other stations will control any interior rodent issues your business or home may already have. Our rodent exclusion program seals out and keeps rodents from returning.

Flying Insect Control

The control of house flies, stinging insects, cluster flies, moths and others will always require ongoing attention as these flying insects can go virtually anywhere. Our program will significantly reduce your flying insect problems through a careful plan that involves surface applications, light traps, and baiting. We will effectively treat and remove honeybee, yellow jacket, hornet, and wasp nests from your property.

At Walker Pest Management, we give our commercial clients the best and most technologically advanced service in the business. Our technicians are highly trained in each specific environment to meet your particular needs.  Contact us today to discuss any pest issues you have, or to get started on an pest control program to benefit you and your property.



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