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3 Termite Tips That Can Save You Money: Termites

Walker Pest Management - Termite Control

Termites are one of those insects that we are aware of but don’t like to think about. We know that termite damage can be costly, but we don’t think that it will ever happen to us. There have been at least eight species of termites recorded in South Carolina and we want our customers to be informed about options for dealing with any potential termite problems. These 3 termite tips can save you money and help you to avoid future termite issues.

1. Confirm A Termite Problem Before Spending Money To Treat Them

On a recent termite inspection, we visited a home where the owner was told that he had termites and the homeowner was quoted a treatment cost of $2500. When we arrived at the residence we found piles of dirt and dead insects and discovered that the problem was red imported fire ants, not termites. After we educated the homeowner about the ants and assured them that the damage was not the result of termites, we took care of their problem, did a preventative termite treatment, and still saved them $1600.

Unfortunately, we see this story repeated over and over each year and the problem isn’t necessarily dishonest pest control companies. Many times, it is the result of untrained and inexperienced pest control technicians performing the inspections. You can be confident that when you hire Walker Pest Management you are getting a trained, experienced technician that knows exactly what to look for and how to diagnose a termite problem accurately. You also get a pest control company with the reputation and assurance that our technicians will never charge you for unnecessary work or treatments.

2. Invest In A Termite Plan For Your Home And Business

Contrary to popular belief, most home and business owners have insurance policies that do not include coverage for termite-related issues, even though termites can cause more damage than most problems that are covered in your policy. With our Termite Protection Plan you will be covered should termites decide to invade your home or business. Walker Pest Management offers a Free home or business termite inspection and report that will reveal any existing or potential termite threats and will provide you with a solution for removing those threats. We take pride in being able to say that we have saved Upstate homeowners thousands of dollars because of our expertise in recognizing early termite activity and providing cost-effective solutions.

3. Consider A Termite Pre-Treatment Before You Build

The last thing you would think of when building a new home or business is a termite problem. That is why Walker Pest Management offers a range of pre-treatment protection solutions that can protect your investment from any future termite issues. In most cases, you can get a quote for this treatment right over the phone and we do not make up random numbers to charge for these services, but use a standard-pricing system based on square footage and linear footage. If you are getting ready to build a new home or business, give our termite professionals a call and let us give you a quote for pre-treatment.

Contact Walker Pest Management today to schedule a Free Termite Inspection and to learn more about our Termite Protection Plan for your home or business.


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