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Bed bug myths

bed bugs

Busted bed bug myths

  • Bed bugs can jump. False, bed bugs do not jump like some other insects. If you think you have bed bugs but they jump around your home consider yourself lucky. You don’t have bed bugs. You may have fleas, or some other jumping insect though. 
  • Bed bugs feed only during the night. False, bed bugs will eat whenever they are hungry and have access to a blood meal. If you decide to take a nap in the middle of the day, no bed bug is going to turn down a nice afternoon snack.
  • Bed bugs are only found around your bed or mattress. False, bed bugs can be found anywhere a person sits or sleeps long enough for them to eat. This could be anywhere in your bedroom, around a couch in the living room, even in public transportation like busses, cabs, and airplanes. Bed bugs have even been found in churches, schools, movie theaters, and anywhere else humans go.
  • Bed bugs can be eliminated by using bug spray on them: False, you may kill the bed bugs you spray directly, or that walk through any residual product you use but that will only kill the ones that come in contact with it. It may knock down a population for a bit but eggs will hatch and eventually grow to adults and start the cycle over again. 
  • Bed bugs can fly: False, bed bugs can not fly. If you think you have bed bugs flying around your home you should feel lucky. You do not have bed bugs. Bed bugs do have vestigial wings, meaning they have undeveloped wings called wing pads. They are barely visible but are just behind the head. 
  • Bed bugs live in dirty places: False, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt or filth, they are drawn to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide (expelled by humans). While clutter does offer bed bugs more hiding spots, and may take longer to realize you have a problem they just don’t care if a place is dirty or clean. 
  • Bed bugs won’t come out during the day or when lights are on: False, while bed bugs do prefer darkness, they will not be denied a meal just because the lights are on. If there is a blood source available and they are ready to eat you can bet they will come out in the light.
  • Bed bugs carry diseases: False, there have been no recorded studies or cases in which bed bugs have transmitted disease to humans. 
  • If you get bed bugs, you have to throw out your mattress and bedding: False, It is important to understand you must get rid of all bed bugs first & foremost. If you throw away your bedding but haven’t completely eliminated all bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs, then they will just return. Then you have spent money on new bedding and still have a problem. It is better to spend your money on a proper Heat Remediation Treatment that will get rid of the threat and allow you to keep your bedding and furniture. 

If you've seen bed bugs or think you've seen bed bugs don't take a chance.

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