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Careers On Wheels Day at Welcome Elementary Greenville SC

Walker Pest Management Pest Control community education

Today was Careers on Wheels Day at Welcome Elementary in Greenville, SC. Caleb Walker the owner of Walker Pest Management spent several hours teaching each class, that came by, about what we do as pest control professionals.

Mr. Walker took the time to explain why we do what we do and that we don’t just kill all insects for any reason. He explained the importance of different insects, snakes, bats and other animals. He showed the children how bats eat over 10,000 mosquitoes in a night. He talked about how ants, beetles, and other insects aerate the soil which makes the grass and plants grow healthier and stronger. He spoke about snakes and the fact that they eat mice and other rodents keeping them out of our homes. He taught the children that most spiders, in our area, aren’t poisonous and that they assist in pest control around the exterior of a home or in a garden by catching and eating other insects.

This was a wonderful opportunity for us to get out and give back to the community today. Who knows, we may have sparked an interest in insects in one of these children today. They may even go on to become an Entomologist, or a pest control professional, or maybe one of them will start their own pest control company years from now.

Thank you, Welcome Elementary, for allowing us to participate in Careers on Wheels Day. We are honored for the opportunity. 

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