Moving to South Carolina, Do I need Pest Control?

I’m moving to South Carolina. Do I really need pest control? You’ve searched high and low and decided you’re moving to the great state of South Carolina. Whatever your reason, we’re happy you’ve chosen South Carolina.  Along with our summer heat and humidity comes a plethora of pests you may not necessarily have had to […]

Follow these 6 tips to ensure a bug-free home this Fall

Want to keep pests out of your home this fall? Follow these tips to ensure a bug-free home. While Fall is officially here, we are still seeing daytime temperatures in the high 80’s & low 90’s. The nights, however, have been much cooler. In a few weeks, we should start seeing more normal temperatures for […]

Flying Ants or Termite Swarmers. Do you know the difference?

Spring is right around the corner. This Sunday we move the clocks forward an hour to regain that extra hour of sunlight in the evening. Longer, sunnier days with intermittent rain will cause the flowers to bloom, the bees to pollinate, and a host of other insects awaken and head out to start their reproductive […]

Are Black Widow Spiders Dangerous?

black widow spider

Did you know the female black widow spider’s venom is 15 times as toxic as the venom of a rattlesnake? Even though she is the most venomous spider in North America, she seldom causes death because she injects such a small amount of poison in each bite. The mortality rate for female black widow spider […]

Termite Season is here and so are Termite Swarmers

Every year, about this time we start to get call after call of people seeing what they believe to be winged ants coming up inside their house or around the perimeter of their home. Sometimes it just might be ants but a majority of the time it turns out to be Termite swarmers. Termite swarmers […]