Spring Pest Control Tips 2019

Spring Pest Control Tips 2019

Most of us look forward to this time every year. The beginning of spring means flowers blooming, squirrels & birds playing in the yard, sunshine, and outside activities. It also marks the reemergence of many residential pest issues. Now is the time to get ahead of these pest issues by following some proven pest control […]

Hurricane Florence Pest Control Concerns & Tips

Hurricane Florence Pest Control

After a large storm, hurricane, or severe flooding most people don’t think about pest control. That is, they don’t until they have a problem. It is important to understand the increased threat they cause. Huge numbers of rodents, fire ants, mosquitoes, and other insects will be displaced. They will be looking for somewhere to settle. […]

How to properly remove a tick

How to properly remove a tick

There are many opinions and methods of how to remove a tick once it’s embedded in your skin.  Most of these methods require getting as close to your skin as possible and grabbing the tick with tweezers. Then try to pull the tick slowly so that you don’t leave its mouthparts or appendages in the skin. […]

What happens when carpenter bees burrow into your home?

Carpenter bee damage

Carpenter bees don’t really look like a destructive creature Don’t let their looks fool you though. Carpenter bees over time can be quite destructive. They like to return year after year to the same places. Each year widening existing tunnels and creating new ones to lay eggs in. Besides the damage done by the carpenter […]

Make Sure You Check Your Engine Compartment After A Cold Night

cat in motor

  Check Your Engine Bay For Cats And Rodents When It Gets Cold South Carolina is heading into a cold snap. Please remember to check your engine compartment after a night of freezing temperatures. When you get home from work in the evening, or from picking up the kids at school your car’s engine bay stays […]