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Cold weather bringing mice into your house?

mouse activity in cold weatherFall is here, and so are the cold weather pests. We have already started seeing an increase in new customer calls for mice and rodent activity. Warning signs can be anything from droppings in cabinets, food boxes or bags with holes chewed through them, urine odors, runways or marks where tail drags leaving streaks, scampering noises, and even strange or unusual pet behavior.

A few things you can do to help prevent these cold weather invaders:
1. Keep food in plastic containers that seal airtight.
2. Don’t leave food or dirty dishes out overnight.
3. Make sure pipe entry points are sealed up with no gaps where they come through floors into cabinets in kitchens & bathrooms.
4. Make sure crawlspace doors & vents seal properly or have screen mesh behind to prevent entry.
5. Keep home clean and uncluttered. Rodents love clutter like piled clothes, cookware, boxes, magazines, or anything else they can use for nesting. 

If you’ve done these things and still have problems or you need help making sure your home is sealed up properly and ready for cold weather just give us a call Toll-Free (866)442-7378 or visit our website http://bit.ly/2xTT7Xz and fill out the contact form and one of our helpful reps will contact you ASAP.

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