Commercial Termite Control For Your Business


Your business property is one of your most valuable assets and we can help remove the worry of any current or future termite problems. Walker Pest Management can protect your business from termite damage and isolate any plumbing leaks, moisture problems or other issues that could lead to future termite problems. Termite Control is not just for your home. Our, industry leading, termite protection plan for your business will cover regular spot treatments to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business, not bugs. Commercial Termite Control solutions available for all of Upstate South Carolina as well as Columbia SC.



New Construction Pre-treats

pretreatment-284x300If you are building a new home or new business you can save money by having the ground pre-treated for termite protection before the slab is laid. By pre-treating the ground prior to pouring the slab, a large portion of the work involved in a liquid termite treatment can be prevented. This process will help to establish a barrier between your house or business and the soil they are built on. Call us with the square footage of the area you need treated and most of the time we can provide you with a free quote right over the phone. One of the best times to perform the right termite control is before the structure is ever built.

Call Walker Pest Management today to schedule a Free Termite Inspection and to learn more about our Termite Protection Plan and the right termite control for your home or business.

Our inspectors can work around your schedule and will discuss all treatment and payment options with you, at the time of inspection.