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Do I Need Termite Protection?

We’re going to walk you through the reasoning, but the short answer is yes. If you own a home in South Carolina, it is important to get termite protection. While termites do swarm more in the warmer weather, they can cause damage year-round. Without proper protection your home can be severely damaged, and you will be on the hook for damage and repair costs. What exactly goes into termite protection?

Understanding Termite Risk

According to the Termite Infestation Probability Map, South Carolina’s termite presence is “Very Heavy.” As our inspector Louis once put it, “there are two types of homes in South Carolina. Those that have termite damage and those that will get termite damage.” The risk for termite problems in South Carolina is so high because our environment is perfect for them. The weather, temperature, and overall climate create an area where they can quickly reproduce and spread. While they aren’t dangerous in the wild, they absolutely love dead wood. In fact, they’re some of the best in the whole world at breaking down dead wood and recycling it back into nutrients for the ecosystem. The problem is that we have built our houses out of their favorite meal. So, if there is any wood in your home, then it is at risk of being turned into their favorite meal.

Termite Infestation Probability Map

Signs of Termite Infestations

What can you do to see if you have termites? Thankfully, termites are not the most subtle when they are infesting an area. In the spring you may see some swarms as they are hatching, growing, and spreading. While termite and ant swarmers look similar, there are a few noticeable differences. In addition to the swarmers, the most obvious signs are usually the termite shelter tubes. As they build up into a structure, termites will create these shelter tubes up into the areas they’re eating. These tubes can be missed because termites may only build them inside crawlspaces or on the inside of support columns. It is important to note that just knocking down the shelter tubes won’t remove the problem. If you’re seeing swarmers near your house or shelter tubes anywhere on your structures, that needs to be dealt with immediately.

The Importance of Early Detection

When it comes to combating termite damage, prevention and early detection is the name of the game! Finding out the problem before they’ve fully infested the house will not only prevent damages, but also save money when it comes to treating and repairing your home. Ideally, your home should be checked at least once or twice a year to catch any potential termite damage early. When checking for termites, it is important to be thorough because smaller shelter tubes can be missed behind or under other debris. If you have a crawlspace, it is important to keep it clear of unnecessary debris and moisture to avoid creating an area conducive for termite growth.

Benefits of Professional Termite Protection

The benefits of professional termite protection are three-fold! First, a professional company can install a termite prevention system. This can either be a baiting system or a liquid treatment. Both of these options will work towards preventing any termite infestations from starting. Second, they will provide expert inspections as a part of maintaining the service. These technicians will do a thorough inspection once or twice a year to make sure that no termites have been introduced behind the barrier or made their way through to the house. Third, they can provide a termite bond which is essentially termite insurance. While the specifics will always be quoted based on the house, termite bonds often cover the cost of termite treatments and sometimes repairs. While there is a lot of things that can be DIY-ed, termite protection shouldn’t be one of those!

Customized Termite Solutions

When it comes to choosing a solution that’s right for you there are a number of options. Generally, the two main preventative approaches are either a bait station system or a liquid treatment. While both are effective, there isn’t one that is clearly better then the other. The liquid system will be installed with a series of trenches and chemical application directly into the soil. This will be a much larger upfront cost and takes longer to install. Once it is in place, the chemical will last in the ground for around 10 years. After the initial cost, there will only be a yearly charge for the inspection to catch any issues and maintain the bond on the house. The other option is a bait station system that will be installed around the perimeter of the house. This system works by attracting termites as they explore near your house. Once they’ve found the bait station, the bait will lead them to the chemicals in the stations. These chemicals will then disrupt the lifecycle of the termites leading to the death of their whole nest. Now if there is active termite damage, there will always be a liquid application to deal with the current infestation.

Where to Start?

If you’ve made it this far and you’re worried about termites at your property, then where do you start? Well don’t hesitate to reach out! We always offer a free inspection to evaluate your property and see what the best termite solution would be. If you have questions or concerns about what to do, we are here to help! Termite’s can seem overwhelming, but out team has been helping protect homes all across South Carolina for over 20 years. We are here to help if we can!

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