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Flying ants? Maybe. They could be termite swarmers.

Chances are one day you are going to see what looks like flying ants, either in or near your home or business. Using the graphic to the left you should be able to see the differences between flying ants and flying termites (termite swarmers). While having either one in your home is no good having the latter is much more expensive to deal with.

Unless they are carpenter ants they don’t represent much danger to the structure. If they are termites, however, then you probably want to get a professional involved asap. 

Termite swarmers are a sign that a termite colony has reached maturity and that means a mature colony is either very close to or even in your home already. Usually after a nice rain when the weather just starts to warm up in spring is when you will first see this happen. It’s possible to see this activity later in the year again before it gets cold. 

What should I do about flying ants or termites?

The first thing is to learn which one you are dealing with. Flying ants have 2 sets of wings that are different lengths, while flying termites have 2 equal length sets of wings. Flying ants have antennae with an elbow or bend in it. Flying termites have antennae that are straight. Flying ants have a tapered or thin waist between the abdomen and thorax sections of their body. Flying termites are generally the same thickness from from one end to the other. There are no real distinct sections when looking at them without magnification. 

I've tried to identify if I have flying ants or termites but I just can't figure it out. Can you help?

Yes, we are happy to identify whether you have flying ants or termites. There are several ways we can do this: 

  1. Take a picture (must be high resolution and have enough detail to zoom in on) and email it to info@walkerpestmanagement.com
  2. Scoop up a couple specimens and place them in a zip loc bag. You can visit our Greenville, SC office and we can let you know on the spot. 
  3. Perhaps the easiest way is to just give us a call 866-442-7378 and schedule a FREE Inspection. We will identify the problem and give you a quote for treatment. 

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