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Follow these 6 tips to ensure a bug-free home this Fall

Follow these 6 tips to ensure a bug-free home this Fall.

While Fall is officially here, we are still seeing daytime temperatures in the high 80’s & low 90’s. The nights, however, have been much cooler. In a few weeks, we should start seeing more normal temperatures for this time of year.

With the cooler weather, we will start seeing more home-invading pests such as outdoor cockroachesmiceladybugsstink bugs, and spiders. Here are some things you can do around your home to help prevent pests in the first place. These are good things to do even if you have routine pest control service. This will help ensure the service you get works the way it should.

6 Fall Pest Control Tips

1. Check roof line vents, screens for tears or damage. This will help keep ladybugs, stink bugs, and other flying insects from accessing your attic.
2. Make sure crawlspace doors seal properly, to help keep rodents and large insects out.
3. Use screen or mesh to seal crawlspace weep holes that allow mice, lizards, small snakes and roaches in.
4. Rake leaves and other yard debris, that make easy harborage areas, away from the house.
5. Seal doorways, windows and repair screens on them. This will also help to keep ladybugs, stink bugs and other flying insects from getting inside your living space.
6. Keep firewood stacked away from the home. No sense in leaving a snack by the back door. Firewood is a sure fire way of drawing termites, roaches, centipedes and other insects right up to the house.

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