Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

As pest control professionals, we get many of the same questions day after day. In an effort to help you, the customer, be more informed and educated, we thought we would create this “Pest Control (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions” page to answer those. This will save you time and eliminate the need to write an email or call about something that we can easily answer here. After thinking about how to do this, we decided the answers coming straight from Caleb Walker, the owner of the company, might be easier, more detailed, and fun for you. So let’s get started and enjoy these videos!

Why choose Walker Pest Management over our competition?

Which termite treatment is better liquid or bait stations?

Why should I hire a pest control company instead of doing my own service?

What do we consider a stinging insect with our new bundle package?

Does your outdoor mosquito service guarantee I will never see another mosquito?

Why can't you guarantee against flying insects coming into my house?

What are some signs that I have a pest infestation?

If I haven't seen any insects do I need pest control service?

If I've never seen termites do I still need termite protection?

Are mosquitoes really a threat to me in South Carolina?

Is our service and products safe for pets?