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Home And Lawn Ant Control Is No Game

Ants In The Pants

As a kid, you might remember playing the game, Ants In The Pants. The game was developed from the metaphor that people who were agitated or nervous must have “ants in their pants”. Just like in the game, you might be feeling agitated or nervous about ants appearing inside and outside your home as the warmer months arrive. While these ants can be a nuisance, they can also be dangerous.

Ants live in colonies complete with workers, soldiers, queens and kings. They are highly organized and can be found inside and outside of your home as they begin to forage for food to replace their depleted winter supply. Most ants don’t pose a threat as they work to build their kingdom, but fire ants can cause serious problems by inflicting painful bites and stings. These ants are difficult to control and they require scheduled inspections and treatments to counteract their periodic invasions.

An Ant By Any Other Name Is Still An Ant, Right?

The truth is, not all ants are the same. There are over 200 species of ants in South Carolina alone, each requiring specific knowledge for identifying and controlling them. There are numerous products sold that promise to get rid of all ant problems, inside and outside of your home. While some products might temporarily halt ant activity, many of them will only cause the colony to disperse, creating more colonies and further problems. In some cases, ants should not be eliminated because certain species are great at collecting trash, removing dead insects, eating other nuisance pests, and aerating the soil. We understand ants differ by species and know how to identify and manage them inside and outside of your home.

Feeling ANTsy?

Flicking ants in the pants was fun, but having ants in your home or yard is not a game. Walker Pest Management provides trained, experienced pest control technicians who can help you with any ant control problem you might be having. We have a range of maintenance plans to ensure you will no longer have to feel antsy, agitated or nervous about ant invasions. Contact Walker Pest Management today for a free quote and to learn how we can provide a barrier treatment plan for what is bugging you.

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