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How do we get rid of German cockroaches?

german cockroach

German cockroaches are one of the most called about pests we deal with. They are also one of the most difficult of pests to get rid of. It can be quite challenging for the average homeowner to get a hold on a German cockroach infestation. German cockroaches breed very fast and will eat just about anything. 

Why do I have German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are looking for a few simple things, shelter, water, and food. Most houses provide all of these things in abundance. Dark places like the back of a cabinet, behind or under a refrigerator, or a dishwasher makes for a perfect cockroach hiding place. Dishes left in the sink might provide both food and water. Drip pans under dishwashers and refrigerators also provide a water source. 

While German cockroaches prefer to eat sweets, starches, grease, and meats they will eat just about anything. They will even eat soap, hair, glue, and excrement when other food sources are scarce. 

How do I kill German Cockroaches and Prevent infestation?

1. Physical Removal

You may need to use a vacuum or shop vac to remove as many german cockroaches as possible in bad cases. Pull appliances away from the wall and remove items from the cabinets and start vacuuming them up. Once you’ve gotten as many as you can empty the contents into a trash bag outside and seal it. 

2. Bait

There are many brands of cockroach baits. They all work in similar fashions. Because cockroaches are always looking for food baits can work very well. Place small amounts of bait in cabinets, along baseboards, behind appliances, and wherever else they may be searching for food. After they’ve taken the bait as food they will return to areas where other cockroaches are and spread it. Using a bait with IGR (insect growth regulator) will cause the offspring to be deformed and unable to reproduce. Baiting may take several applications spread out over several weeks. Clean old bait that has dried up before applying new bait. Don’t stop too early. It may appear that the problem has cleared up but it only takes a few to get the population going again. 

3. Glue boards

Glue boards are a good way to monitor for activity as well as to catch live German cockroaches. Place a small amount of bait in the middle of a glue board and place it behind kitchen appliances and in the cabinet under the sink. Keep an eye on these over time and replace them as needed. 

4. Chemical Treatment

First off, use a NON Repellent pesticide if using baits. If you use a pesticide with a repellent in it while baiting for cockroaches it will not work. It will render your baits useless. Do not get your pesticide treatment on your bait. You may want to use the bait method for the first few applications before starting to use a chemical treatment. When using a chemical treatment you should make sure you hit all the cracks and crevices that give hiding places to the German cockroaches. 

5. Clean House

By keeping your home clean and removing food sources you can make it harder for German cockroaches to survive. Make sure dishes are cleaned and the sink is wiped out every evening. Don’t leave pet food or water out overnight.  Don’t leave cups, plates, or candy wrappers by the recliner or bed where you watched the football game. As nasty as it may be the pan under the refrigerator needs to be cleaned and dried every once in a while. Don’t keep food that can be gotten into on the counters. 

We hope this information is helpful to you and that you are successful in preventing or getting rid of any German cockroach problem you might have. If you prefer to have a professional handle the situation or feel like it’s just too much for you then give us a call or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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