Bed bugs don’t care who’s house they crash, rich or poor, but how much is a bed bug extermination going to cost?

how much does it cost to treat bed bugs
It’s true, bed bug infestations have grown at alarming rates over the last several years. In fact, the Greenville/Spartanburg SC area is in the top 25 cities in the U.S. for bed bug activity. Bed bugs are easily transferred from one person to another when traveling by plane, bus, train, and cabs. The reason for the huge influx of bed bug infestations is increased travel, especially overseas travel. The worst areas are going to be those around big cities and airports, places where there are a lot of travelers or vacationers. It only takes one bed bug egg on your shoe or fallen into the cuff of your pants to start an infestation in your home. The top three places where professionals report finding bed bugs are apartments/condos, single-family homes, and hotels/motels. The growing concern is how many public places are starting to have problems with bed bugs. Hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms, schools, daycares, offices, and public transportation are some of the highest reported bed bug offenders. We have also seen cases of movie theaters, churches, and group homes. In 2016,  $611.2 million was spent on treating of bed bugs in the U.S.  WOW that’s a lot of money! Below we will help you understand the cost to treat bed bugs.

Ok, Ok, but what is a bed bug treatment going to cost me?

To answer that question we will need some additional information. We will need to know how big the home is (square footage) and how many bedrooms are there. We will also need to know if you want a warranty/guarantee or not. Why may you ask? Due to bed bugs developing resistance to chemical treatments over the years, and the inability to get the chemical to all places needed to make sure all bed bugs are eliminated, we just can’t offer a guarantee with chemical treatments. We can offer a guarantee with Bed Bug Heat Remediation though. With heat remediation, we are able to penetrate all the areas necessary to make sure we get all bed bug adults, eggs and all stages between. With our special heat treatment rig, we can heat the home enough to make sure even the most elusive bed bug will die. No bed bugs are safe from heat, not even bed bugs hiding in carpets, walls, mattresses, couch cushions, or even in your favorite recliner. It is a lot of work setting up for a heat treatment, there are special heaters and fans that need to be strategically placed throughout the home. We then have to place anywhere from 4 to 6 remote heat sensors in each room. These sensors send information back to a computer which we monitor to make sure we bring the home up to the correct temperature and let us know when we’ve reached the correct amount of time at that temperature. It takes several hours to bring the home up to the 135℉. This temperature then has to be maintained for several hours to make sure we kill all the bed bugs. We usually arrive at a home at 9 am to start and it takes most of the working day to complete.


Details & cost of a bed bug chemical treatment:

  • $300 per room / no room minimum.
  • No guarantee with chemical treatment.

Details & cost of bed bug heat remediation treatment: 

  • $1 per Square Ft. (example: Apartment 850 sq. ft. would be $850)
  • We include a 2-week followup visit to inspect and make sure everything looks good.
  • 30 day guarantee with retreatment if necessary.
  • We do offer payment plans with this treatment.
  • Anyone who has had a bed bug heat remediation treatment qualifies to go on our Bed Bug Prevention Service.
  • You can opt to go with treating only certain rooms with heat. The cost would be $400 per room. (No guarantee if we aren’t treating entire home)

We know the cost to treat bed bugs isn’t cheap. We know there are people out there that will treat your home for cheaper. We also know we hear from people daily after they have used one of these cheaper options and then need treatment done right. Make sure you choose correctly when dealing with bed bugs. Saving a little money sounds great until you realize that cheap treatment didn’t work. Go with a bed bug expert, do your research, know the company you are going to deal with. Look at reviews, testimonials, ask around.

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  • If you need help identifying an insect you think is a bed bug attach the picture here.