So you want to know how much hiring an exterminator is going to cost you?

How much does pest control cost?

While sites like Homeadvisor state that the average one-time pest control service ranges from $300 to $550, Walker Pest Management’s One-time General Pest Treatments start significantly lower than this. Most one-time treatments from Walker Pest Management start at $150 and have a guarantee of Free follow-up visits within so many days of initial treatment. We do try to keep maintenance services like Quarterly General Pest Control and Fire Ant Control at a standard rate. You will see below, what factors determine pest control cost. We do try to keep it standardized because it makes it easier for customers, technicians, and office staff.

What makes pest control service prices vary?


Size of job or square footage of a home, or building being treated.

While most companies including Walker Pest Management try to have some kind of set standard pricing within a certain area for certain services, we still have to leave it open to the technician to determine if a home is larger than the supported pricing. Most homes 2500 sq ft and smaller fall into the standard pricing. For Walker Pest Managment’s Quarterly General Pest Service the typical monthly pest control cost is $33. Once a home goes over that mark the technician may suggest a slight increase in price to cover the additional time and product costs involved. Treating a 5,000 sq ft home is going to be more expensive than a 1,000 sq ft apartment.

While both homes below are very nice, you can see why one would take longer to treat.


Level of pest infestation being treated for. 

When a technician arrives at a home, they first have to determine what the problem pest is and then how bad the problem is. If the pest technician feels the problem exceeds the threshold of a light infestation and goes to heavy infestation there will typically be a cost difference associated. This can be true for one-time treatments as well as maintenance plans. On maintenance plans, the initial payment is typically the same as the easy to pay monthly charge. If the pest problem is severe there may be an additional fee added to the first service, but that is spelled out for the customer at the time of setting up the service before any service agreements have been signed or service started.


Type of pest problem being dealt with.

When a customer calls in with a pest problem, we try our best to determine what it is we are dealing with, so that the correct pricing and service is set up over the phone. For instance, while no one cares for any type of cockroach in their home. We know that German and Brown-banded cockroaches are more difficult to get rid of than Smokey Brown roaches, which are typically an outdoor or wooded area roach. Identifying the pest as a more difficult species to remove can cause the initial pricing to be higher for maintenance services. This does vary from pest to pest though, so it is best to call for specifics. Some jobs require an inspection before being able to provide a quote. Bat infestations, termite treatments, and squirrel exclusions are examples of pest treatments that require special work and sometimes multiple technicians. In these cases, we will provide a free inspection with a quote for service. Bed bugs are a big deal nowadays and we get more calls and emails about the cost to treat bed bugs than any other pest. We recommend heat remediation treatment when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. We do offer chemical treatment if the customer would rather go that way. We can only guarantee our heat treatment service when it comes to dealing with bed bugs though. Heat treatment averages in South Carolina are $1 per square ft of home. Chemical treatments for bed bugs are typically $250 per room, when there are two or more rooms to be treated. This treatment cannot be guaranteed since we aren’t treating the entire home and chemical does not penetrate as well as heat into various hiding places.


The frequency of pest treatment. 

While some customers prefer to be on routine maintenance services, there are others that prefer just to treat when specific problems arise. This is why we offer Quarterly Pest Treatments, Semi-Annual & Annual Pest Treatments, and One-Time Pest Treatments. We even offer seasonal services for special pest issues like mosquitoes and snakes. Someone calling in with a yellow-jacket problem would only require a one-time service. Someone calling in with a roach infestation would typically do better scheduling a recurring maintenance plan.


Travel time.

Like most other pest control companies, we do not charge travel fees within our standard service areas. We fit customers into the best route to cut down on driving times. Our customer service reps schedule services with the customer to be convenient, yet cost-effective on fuel and wear & tear on vehicles. That being said, we only service South Carolina and if someone from Georgia just had to have us do a service we would probably have to charge some kind of travel fee.

We hope we’ve helped you understand what goes into our pest control cost. At the end of the day, we try our best to keep our prices competitive and affordable.

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