How Much Does Termite Control Cost?

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will make in our lifetime. Leaving termite control up to chance, may not be the best way to protect that investment. If you are going to protect your home against termite infestation, then, naturally, we need to answer the question of “How much will a termite treatment cost?”

What factors determine the cost of termite control?

First, we must understand that no two homes are the same. You must also determine which type of termite control you are going to choose. We offer two types of termite control: liquid termite treatment, using a termiticide, or termite bait stations. Both services are based on linear footage of the home, which is the perimeter, not square footage. This is why it is necessary to first have a free inspection to assess the home and take measurements. This will help us determine how much termiticide must be used, and ensure we follow all guidelines, as required by the Department of Pesticide Regulation. The inspection will also help us determine the number of bait stations needed, if the customer prefers. 

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Termite Treatment Cost Using Liquid Termiticide

Termite control cost using liquid termiticide, like Termidor, is typically going to fall into the following price ranges:

  • Slab Foundation, $7.00 per Linear Ft.
  • Crawlspace Construction, $8.00 per Linear Ft.
  • Basement Construction, $8-9 per Linear Ft.

 Homes with crawlspaces and basements require much more physical prep work adding to labor costs, but also require more liquid termiticide, by law, to give proper protection. Instead of simply trenching around the exterior of a slab home, crawlspace & basement construction requires trenching as well as rodding (injecting liquid termiticide into soil with metal injecting rod). Rodding must be done approximately every 6 to 12 inches depending on the type of soil, to allow soil to receive 4 gallons of liquid termiticide every 10 ft, per foot of depth. This means that the deeper the foundation goes, the more termiticide is needed to properly treat the area. This can be challenging in rocky or packed soils. The pricing structure above is intended to give some basic guidelines our company uses, but is not intended to be a firm quote for any structure. Obviously, other companies may use a completely different pricing structure in their quoting strategy.

termite control drilling driveway, sidewalk to inject liquid termiticide

Another thing that has to be done when doing a liquid termite treatment is a lot of concrete drilling. This is not easy work. Wherever driveways, garages, patios, porches or any other concrete or stone surface meet the home’s foundation we are required to drill through the concrete at approximately 1 ft apart. Then we must inject the proper amount of termiticide into each hole to allow proper coverage of 4 gallons per 10 ft. Once completed, we must then fill and patch all holes to match original color and texture, as best we can. 

At the end of the day liquid termite treatments using a top grade termiticide offers the best protection against possible termite infestations. This treatment gives full coverage to all soil that contacts the homes foundation, not allowing any termites to get to the home without passing through the termiticide. This, of course, kills the termite, and any other termites it comes in contact with. This can lead to a devastating chain reaction in the termite colony population.

Cost of Termite Control Using Bait Stations

Termite control cost, using termite bait stations can cost significantly less for the initial setup. In fact, if your home already has a current bait station system in place, and is up to date, we will take over the service at no setup cost. We will even upgrade your system to the Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System at no charge to you. If you don’t have a bait station system, already in place, we will install a new system. New bait station system install costs will typically be around $4 a linear ft. As stated above, this is the perimeter of the home, and not the square footage. We typically space bait stations no more than 10 ft apart. We often find that some companies use much larger spacing in order to save expense. We do not believe this is a good practice, and fear that it may leave the structure exposed to potential damage. 

Factors that can influence the pricing of termite bait station installs:

  • Layout of home. 
  • Landscaping around the home, shrubs, bushes, rock gardens, etc….
  • Attached structures, including garages, patios, sun-rooms, driveways, walkways, etc….
pest control technician installing termite bait station

Annual Warranty Renewal Costs for Liquid Treatment vs. Termite Bait Station

As you can see from above, a liquid termite treatment will cost a bit more initially. After this initial cost, however, the annual renewal costs to keep the warranty on a liquid termite treatment are significantly less than bait station warranty renewals. Typically, most liquid termite warranty renewals are only $175 to $200, depending on the size of the home. Bait station warranty renewal and monitoring, is based on $4 per linear foot but has a minimum of $360 a year, but we also will match a competitor’s pricing for an existing system if it is lower. This can be paid in one payment, or it can be broken into monthly payments. Bait station systems receive semi-annual maintenance to inspect the stations, exterior of home, and crawlspace for any signs of activity as well as any potential problems, such as moisture issues. There is too much risk of termite activity to leave your home unprotected. Both methods are great for termite protection, but there are pros and cons to both. We would love to come to your home to evaluate the benefits and risks with you, so that you can choose the method that fits your needs the best.

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