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How to properly remove a tick

There are many opinions and methods of how to remove a tick once it’s embedded in your skin.  Most of these methods require getting as close to your skin as possible and grabbing the tick with tweezers. Then try to pull the tick slowly so that you don’t leave its mouthparts or appendages in the skin. There is an easier method though. What if you could make the tick release himself from your skin, then all you have to do is pick it up and dispose of it. No struggle, no fuss, no tearing the tick to pieces and leaving it half stuck in your pet, child, or self.

Using a Q-tip, wet the end and twirl it around the tick, pressing gently against the tick, as you go around. If done properly you will get the tick spinning while it’s mouthparts are still embedded. After about 4 or 5 rotations the tick will actually release its bite and back right out of the skin. All you have to do then is pick up the tick and dispose of it safely.

There are some specialized devices that help do the same thing like in this second video.

This device allows you to easily grasp, twist, and remove the tick and all its parts without it releasing its stomach contents back into your body, reducing the risk of infection. 

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