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How You Can Help Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding In Your Yard

Mosquitoes can be quite annoying. Their bites can sometimes be a little painful and cause itchy red sores. Not many people think about how dangerous mosquitoes are though. Mosquitoes are actually considered the most deadly animal on earth. The number of deaths worldwide, contributed to mosquitoes is over 750,000. That is a really big number isn’t it? 445,000 of those are attributed to the mosquito-borne disease malaria

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Removing Mosquito Habitats

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in less than a 1/2 inch of water. It is possible to cut down on the number of mosquitoes in your yard without any pest control service at all. That’s right, you won’t eliminate them all together but you will notice a difference if you follow these tips. 

  • Get rid of any standing water on the property. This includes kiddie pools, gutters, bird baths, fountains, potted plants, buckets, tires, childrens toys, even items as small as a bottle cap. 
  • Make sure pools and fountains are circulating water properly and or treated with chlorine. Moving water or agitated water will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. 
  • Fill in low spots in the yard, that normally collect standing water. 
  • Don’t overwater flower beds or gardens. 

Monthly Mosquito Control

While doing the things above will help keep mosquito activity down in your yard, you should plan on walking your property at least once a month. Look for new places that could be collecting water. Walk the perimeter of your property where roads are to make sure debris from motorists hasn’t shown up in your yard and started collecting water. Remember it only takes a bottle cap of water for a mosquito to lay eggs in. Even something like a plastic grocery bag or chip bag could hold enough water. 

For Best Results In Eliminating Mosquitoes

If you really want to enjoy the great outdoors and have the best possible chance of eliminating mosquitoes on your property then combine the tips above and hire a professional pest control service to treat mosquito harborage areas monthly. You still might see some visiting mosquitoes from your neighbors yard. If the area is really bad then consider getting your neighbors to do the same as you. If you can get them all on the same page, you could all enjoy a mosquito free zone. Professional mosquito control services can be quite affordable, especially if you get your neighbors or home association to work with them. Big discounts can be given when treating multiple properties. 

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