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Insects from other countries

Interesting insects from other countries


This is a fun post today. Something you should all enjoy. We sometimes get stuck in the day to day of our lives and only think about the things we deal with. In South Carolina we deal with plenty of ant, roach, spider and beetle issues. If you look at the world over though you will see that most of the insects we deal with here are pretty mundane. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand deal with so many unique and dangerous insects that many photographers and camera crews travel halfway around the world to get a close up glimpse of these spectacular creatures. Here are just a few we thought you would find interesting.


Kung Fu Mantis Vs. Jumping Spider


Peacock Spider (Maratus Speciosus)

For more videos with many more colorful peacock spiders from Australia visit https://www.youtube.com/user/Peacockspiderman


Scorpion Fly (male)

Large Stick Insect (leaf insect)


I hope you enjoyed this gathering of interesting insects from around the world. We will find more and bring them to you soon.


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