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Interesting Insect Videos 1

Interesting Insect Videos From Around The World

This is the first of of a series I plan to do. The goal is to find some interesting & unique insect videos from Youtubers around the world and bring them to you each week. Only HD videos here you won’t find anything filmed with a potato. Insects are quite interesting and we hope you will enjoy this series and maybe even develop an interest in insects. If you have a HD insect video you would like us to add to our collection just let us know. We will try to bring you new videos twice a month. 

From: Jeff Horchoff @youtubeUnusual removal and relocation of honey bees that were living under a woman’s bed in the floor….

From: leokimvideo @youtube

Stunning large stick insect. Amazing creatures are almost alien looking….

From: InsecthausTV @youtube

A pair of beautiful African flower mantis’. They look poised to do battle….

From: Minoru Toyama @youtube

Minoru was lucky to find a nocturnal giant weta in the daytime. Video taken on Matangi Island….

From: Bugman @youtube

Bugman handling a massive Goliath beetle at the insect fair in Frankfurt Germany…………

From: Pests and Natural Enemies

A violent exchange when a nymph wheel bug (assassin bug) attacks a silver-spotted skipper….

If you have an interesting insect video you would like us to feature send an email with link and description to josh.m@walkerpestmanagement.com

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