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A plan for every person's budget

Every household and it’s owners are different. We understand that the pest control package that works for your neighbor may not work for you. That is why we spent a great deal of time coming up with our new Walker Pest Management Preferred Care Packages. So how do you figure out which package is the best fit for your needs. Let us try to help. 

I rent my home, apartment, or condo which package is for me?

If your landlord doesn’t include pest control service and you are looking for the best solutions to keeping mice, ants, spiders, crickets, earwigs, and other creepy crawlies out of the home you should consider our Preferred Care Package. This package doesn’t worry about things like termite damage, or exterior lawn or yard services. Termite control is something the property owner will need to worry about, not you the renter. 

I own my own home but don't get outdoors much.

If you own your own home then the responsibility of home care falls solely on you. You could go with a simple Preferred Care Package like above. Besides keeping the most common of insects and rodents out of your South Carolina home, we also include stinging insects. This means if you have a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket problem within 10 feet of your home and no higher than 20 feet off the ground we will take care of it at no extra charge. That’s right, we keep the most common pests out of your home and stinging insects off of your home at no extra charge.

Because you own your own home you should consider keeping your home safe from termites. In South Carolina the average 1 acre lot has more than 20 termite colonies. This means it’s not if you will have a problem with termites, it’s when will you have a problem with termites. Termites do millions of dollars in damage every year to homes in South Carolina. Who is on the hook for those damages? If you don’t have a termite control plan in place, backed by a reputable pest control company carrying the correct kind of insurance, then it will be you. For this reason we created our Preferred Care Plus Package. This package combines our Preferred Care with a termite control service using Advance® Termite Protection bait station system With this package you won’t need to worry about termites or termite damage because that responsibility will now be on us. Your home will be covered by a Million dollar insurance policy. Now you can rest easy knowing your home is protected and so is your family. Your whole home is now under the watchful care of Walker Pest Management. 

I own my home and we spend a lot of time outdoors entertaining and relaxing.

Do you and your family spend as much time outdoors as you do inside? Do you love to have people over on the weekends for cookouts or pool parties? Do all the neighborhood kids wind up at your home to play football or shoot some hoops? Maybe your a weekend warrior who spends all your free time cutting grass, trimming bushes, planting flowers, and making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

If any of these sounds like you then you should consider our Preferred Care Outdoor Package. Not only does this include the Preferred Care Package, keeping your whole home free of pests and stinging insects. It also includes a whole lawn and yard treatment which protects you, your family, your friends, and even your pets from fire antsmosquitoesfleas, and even ticks. Stop having to high step fire ant mounds. Relax at the pool without being eaten alive by our state bird, the mosquito. Stop worrying about your children or pets being bitten by ticks. No longer will Fido have to spend the whole summer outside so he doesn’t bring in fleas. 

Not only does this package help you enjoy your time outdoors it also helps protect your family & pets against things like zika virusWest Nile virus, dog/cat heartworm, and lyme disease

I have a special situation or need coverage of a different type of pest.

We realize there are unique situations when it comes to pest control needs. If for some reason one of these packages doesn’t fit exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry. Contact us and we can cater a plan to fit your needs specifically. 

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