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Pest Control Tip – June 2, 2017 – National Doughnut Day & National Rocky Road Day

Pest Control Tip


Pest Control Tip! With days coming up like this Friday, June 2nd National Doughnut Day and National Rocky Road Day, all on the same day, we thought we’d give some tips to keep those pesky ants out of the house.

1. After scarfing down too many doughnuts to count or more scoops of Rocky Road than you’d like to admit, wash any plates or bowels as soon as possible. Don’t leave them in the sink until the next day, to be done after you’ve worked off the extra 1000 calories. Believe me those ants like that stuff just as much as you do.

2. You may have been pretty careful not to let a drop of that sweet, flavorful, Rocky Road miss your mouth and hit the ground but if you have kids I guarantee a drop or two didn’t make it to their eager bellies. Sweep that floor and mop just to be safe. Its doesn’t take much of that sugary goodness on the ground to drawn in an army of ants.

3. Now that you’ve cleaned up all that mess and thrown away any disposable bowls or paper towels, make sure you get the trash out of the house asap. Just because the trash is in the can doesn’t mean those ants won’t come marching in and climb that can to find the mother-load. You would rather have those ants trying to get at your outside can than the one in your fresh cleaned kitchen. One other thing though keep that outside trash can pulled a little ways away from the house. You don’t want that thing too close or it will draw them close and they may come looking for more.

Good luck to you and if you do run into any problems just let us know.

Of course these pest control tips can be used for any other occasion.

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