Walker Pest Management - Alexa Skill

Face it, pest facts aren’t something most people go searching for. Some people ,however, including lots of kids just love to know random facts about anything and everything. We also realize that technology is moving forward and most people that want to know these things don’t really want to spend time searching books or scouring the internet for random facts here and there. Now days it seems everyone just asks an internet connected device a question and wait to hopefully get the right information back. This led us to make an Alexa Skill for Pest Facts. Many of the homes we service have at least one Amazon internet connected device. There are thousands of useful skills that can be enabled on your Alexa or Dot device that make them much smarter. If you have one of these devices and are so inclined you can visit Walker Pest Management – Amazon Alexa Pest Fact Skill.

These Pest Facts are random and the list of facts will be added to continuously. You may just enjoy asking Alexa ask Pest Control for a Pest Fact. You could learn things like the fact “A flea can jump 130 times its height”, or that “A cockroach can live up to a week without its head”, or one of my favorites “There are about 1 million ants to every human on earth”. Install the skill for free and learn some random Pest Facts today.