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Poisonous Caterpillar in Upstate South Carolina

poisonous caterpillar

Alert!!!! Poisonous caterpillar. 

Megalopygidae opercularis, known also as “Southern flannel moth” “Elvis Caterpillar” or “puss moth caterpillar”. It may not look like much but you wouldn’t want to accidentally pick this guy up. It may look like a small tuft of orange hair, but this caterpillar packs a painful sting. Hidden under that hair are poisonous quills. We found this one in Spartanburg SC. Do not handle these if you see one. Consider yourself lucky to see one but do not touch! Make sure you educate your children to no handle strange insects or unknown critters. 

More information on this caterpillar can be found here. 

No, this is not a Tribble from the original series of Star Trek. 

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