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Stink Bug Control

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Stink Bugs

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug otherwise known as just stink bug is not native to the United States. The stink bug is an invasive species that was accidentally brought over from Asia. First found and collected in North America in 1998. 

Stink Bug Identification

  • Stink bugs have a “shield” shape.
  • Stink bugs have straight antenna
  • Stink bugs have a thin piercing mouth part used like a straw
  • Stink bugs have wings but they are mostly hidden 
  • Stink bugs have 6 legs

Are Stink Bugs a Serious Problem

Stink bugs do not pose a physical threat to people or pets. They do not spread disease or viruses. Stink bugs do not cause damage to buildings or other structures. Stink bugs do damage fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. They can be quite destructive to apple and other types of fruit farms. The damage stink bugs cause is done by their thin piercing mouth part, called a proboscis, which is used to suck the juices from plants and fruits. 

Stink bugs are more of a nuisance to most people. For stink bugs to survive cold fall and winter nights they must find a warm place to overwinter. In early fall you may start seeing just one or two trying to slide inside your door or window. Stink bugs won’t just try to access your home they will gain access to your vehicle if they can find a way in. On sunny fall days you may find hundreds or even thousands of stink bugs gathered on a white or light colored home facing the sun. They will stay in the sunlight enjoying the warmth but in the evening as it starts to cool they will start looking for vent, hole, or opening in your home that will allow the swarm to enter. 

Stink Bug Treatment

Walker Pest Management has been helping home and business owners in South Carolina since 2001. Stink bugs can be a real headache for homeowners because they typically invade in numbers reaching the hundreds or even thousands. It can be quite difficult to figure out where stink bugs are gaining access into your home. It is impossible to guarantee no stink bugs will enter your home but our treatment methods can greatly decrease the likelihood that large number will enter the home. Call (866)442-7378 for immediate help or book online by live chat at the bottom of the page or send us a contact request through the form. 

We have the training, equipment, and experience to rid your home of stink bugs affordably and efficiently. There is a reason Walker Pest Management is one of the fastest growing pest control services in South Carolina. Not only are we the best at what we do, we also provide the best customer experience you will ever see. Take a look around. Ask people about us. Read the reviews. Check us out on social media. You will see why Walker Pest Management is loved in this area.  

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