Do I Have Bed Bugs – What to look for.

bed bugs what to look for

When trying to find bed bug activity you should inspect for the following things. 1. Blood Spots or Streaks – Left on sheets are easy to spot. These are spots where a bed bug has been crushed or from the host after being bitten.  2. Fecal Spots – Bed bugs will “go” wherever they please. […]

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

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Recently we’ve busted some bed bug myths, we’ve even shown you what a bed bug looks like. Today let’s talk about where do bed bugs live. Unfortunately many people don’t find out they have a bed bug problem until it’s become a severe infestation. The problem is a lot of people don’t know what they are looking […]

How to avoid bed bugs while traveling for Thanksgiving

bed bug

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It seems like it comes quicker every year. We know that preparing for the big day can be quite stressful. Travel at any time of the year might make you want to jump off the house, but especially at Thanksgiving. Having to worry about driving or flying and where to stay. […]