Spider Control

scary spider

This is the image many of us get when we think of spider control. Big, scary, man-eating, blood-sucking beasts that wait for you to let your guard down, so they can pounce! Right? Well, wrong. Spiders are an extremely beneficial arthropod, that help us get rid of many nuisance pests. If we didn’t have spiders […]

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite


“Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I remember hearing those words many times as my mom was putting me to bed. I never understood what it meant and would usually laugh as if she was referring to some funny cartoon characters. I don’t remember ever being afraid of those words, […]

Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Summer With Your Family


A Story That Doesn’t End Well  Warmer weather has finally arrived and we all look forward to getting outside for picnics, barbeques and other family-related events. It can all be fun and games . . .  until the bugs arrive. During the annual Easter Egg Roll, President Obama was reading a book to a group […]

Home And Lawn Ant Control Is No Game


Ants In The Pants As a kid, you might remember playing the game, Ants In The Pants. The game was developed from the metaphor that people who were agitated or nervous must have “ants in their pants”. Just like in the game, you might be feeling agitated or nervous about ants appearing inside and outside […]