Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

“Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I remember hearing those words many times as my mom was putting me to bed. I never understood what it meant and would usually laugh as if she was referring to some funny cartoon…

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Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Summer With Your Family

A Story That Doesn’t End Well  Warmer weather has finally arrived and we all look forward to getting outside for picnics, barbeques and other family-related events. It can all be fun and games . . .  until the bugs arrive. During the annual Easter Egg…

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Home And Lawn Ant Control Is No Game

Ants In The Pants As a kid, you might remember playing the game, Ants In The Pants. The game was developed from the metaphor that people who were agitated or nervous must have “ants in their pants”. Just like in the game, you might be…

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Pest Control Services In Clinton, SC

At Walker Pest Management, pest control is our passion. As we move into our 14th year of serving the pest control needs of the Upstate, we are expanding our reach to include Clinton, South Carolina. We want to bring Clinton the same professional pest control…

Walker Pest Management offers bee control


Spring is just around the corner! Flowers and trees will be blooming. Grass will turn green again and the insects will be waking up. Spring is a favorite time of year for most people. If you own a home or business it’s time to think…


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