Make Sure You Check Your Engine Compartment After A Cold Night

cat in motor

  Check Your Engine Bay For Cats And Rodents When It Gets Cold South Carolina is heading into a cold snap. Please remember to check your engine compartment after a night of freezing temperatures. When you get home from work in the evening, or from picking up the kids at school your car’s engine bay stays […]

Cold weather bringing mice into your house?

house mouse

Fall is here, and so are the cold weather pests. We have already started seeing an increase in new customer calls for mice and rodent activity. Warning signs can be anything from droppings in cabinets, food boxes or bags with holes chewed through them, urine odors, runways or marks where tail drags leaving streaks, scampering […]

What you can do to prepare for earwig season


Earwig Season? I know, it’s still pretty hot here in South Carolina. As we start to come out of summer though,  and the temperatures begin to cool expect to start seeing more earwigs inside the house. Earwigs do prefer to be outdoors. Earwigs live under rocks, paving stones, fallen trees, wooden garden borders, and anywhere […]