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Termite Season is here and so are Termite Swarmers

Every year, about this time we start to get call after call of people seeing what they believe to be winged ants coming up inside their house or around the perimeter of their home. Sometimes it just might be ants but a majority of the time it turns out to be Termite swarmers.

Termite swarmers are the reproductive members of a mature termite colony. There job is to come out of the ground, fly to a new spot and start a new Termite colony. For most people this is the only time they will ever see Termites. In our area of South Carolina this usually starts sometime between mid March until the end of April. Sometimes it can start a little earlier and many times will run late into May.

If you see Termite swarmers please call a professional. They will need to find out where they are coming from and do a full inspection on the home. It is important to consider a few things if Termites are confirmed to be swarming on your property.

  1. Just because Termites are found on your property it doesn’t mean you have to have a treatment today. We do advise having a treatment done as soon as possible but you have time to shop around for the company with the right protection plan you can be comfortable with. Almost all Pest Control companies will give a free estimate for treatment of Termites.
  2. It is possible to have Termites on your property but not actually have an infestation in your home. They could be coming from a neighbors home, or a natural source like a wood pile, dead tree or stump.
  3. If you see Termite swarmers inside the house, on a window sill or door frame it is an indication that there is an active Termite Swarmers on Window SillTermite infestation in the home and should be treated quickly.

Please don’t hesitate to call Walker Pest Management for a free inspection and quote for Termite control. Call Toll Free 866-442-7378 to talk to a Termite Specialist today.

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