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Walker Pest Management’s vehicles get a new look!

We recently decided to upgrade the look of our vehicles. After all, our vehicles are sometimes the first impression we get with a potential new customer. We had a goal to make our trucks grab the attention of motorists on the road and instantly convey who we are and what we do. 

After searching and visiting with many companies in the area we decided to work with the guys at Moody Blue Designs in Greer, SC. Only about 20 minutes from our office and where several of our employees live. 

With a basic idea of what we wanted it to look like Moody Blue Designs worked with our in house marketing person to get things just like we wanted. In just a few days and a few emails back and forth we were ready to approve the final design. Needless to say, we are really happy with what we’ve been able to come up with by working with MBD. Next they gave us a day to drop the truck off and said to give them 2 days and they’d have it ready. 

The Langford brothers, owners of Moody Blue Designs allowed us to come watch and even record some of their work. It was a lot of fun to see someone who enjoys what they do, and see how efficient and detail minded they were. Things you and I would never think about like making sure straight lines were laid on curved body parts but look straight when viewed straight on. They made sure all the tape edges were wrapped around and finished off with a special tape so that edges don’t curl up or separate over time. Making sure lettering and numbers were level and even from one side to another. We are so glad we did our homework and searched for the right company for the job. Now that the first vehicle is done we look forward to seeing the rest of our fleet fall in line.

Keep an eye out for our newly wrapped vehicles and let us know what you think. If you need pest control then you’re at the right place. If you need a vehicle vinyl wrapped then visit the guys at Moody Blue Designs and tell them we sent you.

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