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Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Recently we’ve busted some bed bug myths, we’ve even shown you what a bed bug looks like. Today let’s talk about where do bed bugs live. Unfortunately many people don’t find out they have a bed bug problem until it’s become a severe infestation. The problem is a lot of people don’t know what they are looking for but worse they don’t know where to look. You could look all over a bedroom during the daytime and never see one in the open. That doesn’t mean they won’t be out as soon as a warm blooded meal lays down for a little sleep.

bed bug

Bed bugs are typically much more active at night. They prefer human blood and require feeding to be able to mate and breed. They won’t go too far during the day, but they don’t make it easy to find them. Bed bug bodies are flattened, which enables them to fit in tiny holes and crevices of beds, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, and all those hiding places in closets. 

If you've seen bed bugs or think you've seen bed bugs don't take a chance.

So where do bed bugs live and how do I spot them?

You may have picked up bed bugs while traveling. They could have been from a motel room or friends home you stayed with. Maybe your college student picked them up at the dorm and brought them back along with all his laundry for you to wash. They could even have come your kids friend from school who was spending the night. 

Wherever they were picked up from you can bet once they are in your home they will be near where people sleep. You won’t typically find them in bathrooms or kitchens because people don’t stop to sleep in those areas of the home. Bedrooms, living rooms, dens, wherever you like to lay your head down for a good nights sleep or maybe a brief nap while watching tv. These areas are where you should begin your hunt. 

Start with these places first:

  • The mattress, look along the seams, anywhere material folds over, around buttons and handles. 
  • Box springs are an easy place for them to hide during the day where no one is looking and it’s nice and dark. 
  • Bed frames where 2 boards or pieces of metal meet and create a gap, inside screw or rivet  holes.
  • Nightstands and dressers like bed frames anywhere 2 pieces come together or where there are overhangs. 
  • Wall hangings check behind posters, painting, family pictures, and hanging televisions. 
  • Couches like mattresses should be checked along seams, buttons, and folds. 
  • Carpets & floors along the wall where there may be cracks or gaps. 
While these are the most obvious places to look don’t rule out desks, furniture, childrens toy boxes, etc..

Besides actual bed bugs what bed bug signs should I look for?

Besides looking for live bed bugs check for these signs as well: 

  • Shed dried out bed bug skins, as they grow they shed several times. 
  • Bed bug eggs which look like a small grain of white rice almost the exact color and size. 
  • Dark spots or stains, which is bed bug fecal matter dried up. 
  • Red to reddish brown spots or streaks on mattresses, sheets, blankets, and even clothing worn to bed. This is from bed bugs that have fed then crushed when people roll over or move around in bed. 
  • Bed bug bites which will look like small mosquito bites typically in groups, some people don’t show as bad and may only see a reddish area or small rash. Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. Some people will show no signs at all. 

Parents you should check your children's rooms periodically for bed bug signs.

No one wants to think about it, but children can easily bring bed bugs home from school or a friend’s house. Kids don’t know what to look for so be vigilant, check your child’s room as often as you can remember to. Children can’t be expected to check on their own, so it’s up to you to make sure their rooms and play areas are being looked over on a regular basis. Since you never know where they are picked up you may notice them if they were in your room, but how often would you normally look through a child’s room for these signs. Until we get everyone educated about bed bugs, the problem is just going to continue to grow. Help educate your children and even friends to be on the lookout for bed bugs and bed bug signs. Together we can stay ahead of this epidemic and get it under control once again. Don’t be afraid to ask your children’s school about bed bug activity and see what they are doing to protect your kids while they are there. 

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