Bait stations vs liquid treatments which is better?

You’ve decided it’s time to protect your home from termites. Great decision, after all, it’s most people’s biggest investment. Logically your next decision is what kind of termite protection you want. You have two choices when it comes to termite control. You can go with a liquid termite treatment using a termiticide like Termidor or a bait station system like Advance Termite Trelona Bait System.

What's the difference between liquid & bait stations?

The biggest difference from a protection point of view would be the speed at which they work. A liquid treatment with Termidor is performed by treating the soil where the foundation comes in contact with the ground.

This leaves no place for termites to access the home without first passing through the treated soil. You can expect almost immediate results with a liquid treatment. 

With bait station systems, plastic tubes are installed around the perimeter of the home. These tubes are first loaded with a wood/cellulose material that termites love. The plan is to attract them to the bait stations before they reach the home. Once termite activity has been monitored the technician swaps out the wood for a slow-acting bait.  Slow acting bait is used so that it infects more of the colony and is more effective than killing a small amount of the colony fast and alerting the rest to not eat it. For this reason, bait stations are a bit slower but just as effective. 

What is the cost difference of liquid termite treatment vs bait stations?

We go into much more detail about the costs of termite control on our page How much does termite control cost? The quick version is that liquid termite control is more cost upfront for the initial treatment but only requires a once a year renewal cost which saves money over time. Termidor is a 10-year product so this lower cost yearly renewal can usually be extended out that full 10 years before any additional booster treatment would be needed. The initial cost of a bait station setup is about 1/3 the price of liquid treatment. The savings end there as this system requires quarterly monitoring and switching out for baits when necessary. The annual cost of this service winds up costing about double what a liquid termite renewal fee would be. After 3 or 4 years you are no longer seeing a savings over the liquid treatment.

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