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Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

You may have just found your first bed bug. Or maybe you’ve been having to live with bed bugs for a while. Either way, just know that you aren’t alone. There are a lot of people out there in the same situation or that have already gone through this battle. Many of them we have already helped become bed bug free.

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Bed bugs have become a serious problem in South Carolina. So much so, that Spartanburg/Greenville is ranked in the top 25 areas for bed bug activity in the US. I’m 43 years old and when I was a kid my parents would tuck me in and say don’t let the bed bugs bite. Until I was an adult I never gave it much thought as being anything other than a bed time saying. I never went to sleep, as a child, worrying I would wake up the next day with bites all over my body. I never dreamt that a tiny insect smaller the the nail on my pinky finger could cause so much mental suffering and shame to people. After all bed bugs had practically been wiped out in the US. years before I was ever born.

Recently, we talked about where bed do bed bugs live. Today, let’s try to explain why you have bed bugs, or maybe how you got bed bugs. These are just some of the ways you may have picked them up. Sometimes it can be very difficult to say for certain where you got bed bugs but let’s try to help. 

Why did bed bugs show up at my home?

First of all, the reason bed bugs may have hitched a ride with you, a family member, or maybe even a friend is simply, Opportunity. Someone, possibly yourself was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was simply chance. They may have been picked up at a place where someone didn’t even know they had them. The bed bug just happened to catch a ride on someone who came to your home. Bed bugs survive on a blood meal from humans. Without a blood meal the bed bug can not breed, and will eventually just die. The bed bug was only searching for a meal and wound up being transported right to your home.

Where did I pick up bed bugs?

Here are a few of the places you or someone that visited your home may have picked up the bed bugs that are now causing you problems: 

  • Friend or family members home you visited.  
  • A friend of your childs that they spent the night with.
  • A hotel/motel you stayed for vacation or business travels. Major cities are much more likely to have bed bugs because they get more out of town & out of country traffic. 
  • College age child returned home from staying at the dorms or shared apartment and brought them back. 
  • Used clothes or furniture purchased at a second hand or thrift shop. 
  • Your kids might have picked them up from school or daycare. Another child could have had them on their clothing or jackets and came in contact with your child. 
  • Public transportation; bus, cab, plane, etc… Someone took the bus and picked them up from a seat that had previously been occupied by someone with bed bugs. 
  • You might actually work with someone who has them. You may have hung your jacket up next to someone else’s, that was carrying a bed bug.now

I don't know if these are bed bug bite marks or not.

It can be very difficult to find bed bugs. Especially if they have only recently shown up. Check out this link to see what a bed bug looks like If you aren’t sure you have bed bugs you can a: See a physician. b: Hire a reputable pest control professional to do a full bed bug inspection. 

You don’t have to live with bed bugs. Many people feel they simply can’t afford to have them removed professionally. Luckily we offer affordable payment plans with our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service. This service is guaranteed & only takes 1 day to complete. That’s right your home can be bed bug free in just 1 day. 

If you've seen bed bugs or think you've seen bed bugs don't take a chance.

Contact Walker Pest Management, South Carolina’s Bed Bug Experts, today. We have been ridding homes of bed bugs for over 18 years. Our Heat Remediation Treatment is second to none. We have the equipment, training, & experience to deal any bed bug problem. In 1 day your home can be free from bed bugs. 

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