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Will Warmer Weather Lead To A Buggier Summer?

Warmer Spring Weather May Bring More Bugs This Year

While it can feel like spring starts in February around here, this year spring officially runs from March 19th to June 20th. That means that we’re smack dab in the middle of spring, and the official start to summer is almost a month a way! While we’re all loving these warmer days and later sunsets, there is a part that no one loves. That is all of the pests that have woken up and multiple. As we enjoy more activities outside, you may notice that the days are seeming buggier then usual! 

Why Am I Seeing More Bugs This Year?

The biggest reasons that you may seeing more bugs this year is the combination of both the increased temperature and warmer winter. This year meteorologists are predicting warmer weather in all 50 states across the US. In addition to the upcoming warmer weather, this past winter was warmer than previous years. This combination means that bugs were able to start coming out earlier then usual this year. It looks like we are going to be in for a longer and buggier pest season this year.

What Bugs Am I Going To See More Of?

The biggest bugs that you are going to see more of in our area are going to be ants, termites, and mosquitos. All three of these types of pests are much more active during warmer seasons. Since we’ve had a warmer winter with a fair amount of rainfall, we can expect these pests to really boom into the warmer spring and summer. These will also flair up after rains. So, you may see issues pop up on warmer days after it rains.

Is There Anything I Can Do?

When it comes to dealing with these pests, the same tried and true rules apply.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness: Be on the lookout for anything that pests can use for food. This means that it’s important to clean up spills, seal up all food sources, and make sure that all trash is frequently taken out. Also, make sure that your trash can is stored outside and doesn’t become a breeding ground for bugs. 
  2. Moisture Control: Pests are drawn to moisture so be on the lookout for any damp area or standing water. Make sure there aren’t any leaks, pools of water, or areas that excessively damp. All of these can provide prime spots for bugs to multiply. 
  3. Seal Up Entry Points: While it sounds obvious, bugs have to find a way to get in your house. Some may sneak through the door when you’re coming in and out, but if they’re consistently getting in, you may have another entry point for them. Be on the lookout for cracks and gaps that bugs can get through. If you find one, seal it up! 
  4. Yard Maintenance: Keep your yard well-maintained by trimming shrubs, mowing regularly, removing standing waters, and keeping any plants from directly growing on your house. Simple maintenance can go a long way in helping manage pest issues. 
  5. Get Support: If you’re getting frustrated with trying to deal with pests on your own, don’t hesitate to get some support. Professional pest control technicians deal with these issues everyday and can provide solutions to these annoying problems. 

What To Expect In The Coming Months

As we move from spring to summer, temperatures are going to continue to rise, and we are going to move into full bug season. When the weather alternates between rainy and warm, you can expect to see flair ups of a variety of pests. By being proactive to protect your home, you should be able to minimize these problems and enjoy these warmer days! As always if you ever need help dealing with any pest issues, we are more then happy to help. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out. 

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