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Youtuber Shawn Woods creates highly successful video series about antique mouse traps

While researching Youtube I stumbled on a Youtube channel started by Shawn Woods. Shawn started his Youtube channel to show others his love of primitive hunting, as well as a way to teach others how to make primitive hunting weapons. About 10 months ago he introduced a new series on his channel called Mouse Trap Mondays. In this series, he looks at antique designs of mousetraps from all over the world. Sometimes he purchases old traps, other times he builds them and shows you how. These videos have been wildly popular with some of them garnering over 6 million views. That is a lot of people interested in mice traps. It is definitely worth a look, especially if you have any interest in pest control methods from hundreds of years ago. Follow this link to visit Shawn Woods Youtube channel. Click here if you are interested in going straight to his series on mousetraps. Or you can click the embedded video below to start watching.

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